Breerivier Irrigation, Robertson

16 JULY 2013

Herewith I/we declare that we as company, have had a business relationship with WATER

ENRICHED TREATMENT SOLUTIONS for a number of years and that we are very familiar with their technology as well as in person with Frik Faure en Paul King. We have worked together on numerous projects concerning water sanitation and disinfection in the Agricultural sector and in the industrial applications for example, wine cellars. We have also done a couple of household applications with them for example, swimming pools. We have full confidence in the company and their operations/technology and their expertise would be recommended for any similar applications.

Yours Faithfully.


Bonheur Farm, Rawsonville

10 July 2013

On Bonheur, we are farming with wine grapes and peaches hat gets irrigated by drip and micro irrigation systems. We make use of river/mountain water as well as borehole water on our farm and get all the outside influences that one can think of. For this reason we had lots of problems with algae and bio-film that block our irrigation systems from the filters right though to our drippers and micro jets.

WET Solutions introduced us to their technology about one and a half years ago. We have installed an in-line-system at our irrigation pump, before the filters. The result: Astonishing!!! After 6 weeks to 8 weeks we could see signs of drippers opening on its own and our filters did not need cleaning as frequent as usual. What is also great for us is that the dirt (bio-film/algae) did not come loose in a matter that could further block our drippers and micro's. It started to open by itself at lots of the drippers. We think that the ones that did not open could have been from sediment or sticks for example. We have minimal problems with blockages after our second irrigation season of using the WET Solutions Technology.

We can promote the WET Solutions Technology with a clear conscience and are willing to act as reference for them. This is definitely technology that every farmer who irrigates their crop, should have.



Fodder Solutions Africa, Cape Town


Fodder Solutions Africa is a company engaged in producing controlled environment units for daily fodder requirements for farmers. As the growing method is hydroponics, it is always susceptible to mould and fungus. We have been purchasing treatment systems from Water Enrichment treatment systems for the past two years and have been very happy with their product and service. Their product has certainly made a difference to the performance of the hygiene of our units in terms of disinfection and fodder growth. We have also noted that this is a cost effective alternative to the use of chemicals in our units.

Managing Director


Leopard Creek Golf Estate, Malelane

13 July 2013

Leopard Creek Country Club installed a WET system on our main water feature supplying the stream between our 9th and 18th holes in 2012. Algae growth in the stream has been eliminated and the water clarity in the holding ponds is very much improved. Maintenance of our water feature has been a challenge in the past due to high volumes of water turnover and nutrient loading from excessive rainfall as the runoff from the Golf Course feeds into the ponds. I am satisfied with the results achieved and we are considering further installations in the future. Should you have any queries please contact me on +2782 480 5015 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Derek Muggeridge
Golf Manager
Leopard Creek Country Club 

La Motte Wine Farm, Franschhoek

WET Solutions™ are treating all the water at La Motte. Drinking water, Cellar Incoming water, All Fishponds and the Irrigation Dam of La Motte. Also the DrInking water and water works at Leopards Leap Vineyards. We want to thank WET Solutions™ for the great effort that they have put into helping La Motte and Leopards Leap to achieve this, chemical free water treatment solutions that work and that we can put our worries aside by giving WET Solutions™ the responsibility of handling the water quality at La Motte and Leopards Leap Vineyards.

Pietie le Roux
Executive Farm Manager for La Motte 

Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

6 March 2012

To whom it may concern:

WET Solutions™ teamed up with us at the beginning of our winter months in 2011. We irrigate our golf course with treated effluent water. We had the problem of sprayers that clogged and did not let water through. After two months of using the WET Solutions™ system our sprayers were open and we no longer had the problem of labour at night. The e-coli, coli forms and HPC – counts, also came down within the irrigation spec. Our last e-coli count was 7 /100ml and no Moulds & Yeast detected.

This is really phenomenal technology and we feel that we really made the right decision to have chosen this company.

Kind Regards
Ryno Bernardo
Club Manager 

Boland Cellar, Paarl

"Thanks' for excellent service, no more bio film built up, blocked water systems and a definite improvement in the quality of our waste water!

Winemaker for Boland Cellar, Paarl