Benefits of our technology

The judicious use of the BIOSPRITE algae control unit, either alone or in conjunction with nutrient and other pollution management programs, can significantly reduce the occurrence of algae blooms in storage impoundments with minimal/negligible impact on water quality and the receiving environment. The application of our inline treatment units has furthermore proven effective for the control of the growth of bio-film in irrigation systems.

This translates to reduced labour and expenditure on the irrigation system for maintenance, component replacement, pumping costs and improved crop yields from sustained irrigation efficiency.

  • Automated control simplifies application and reduces the risk of inadvertent overdosing and environmental impacts associated with conventional control methods.
  • Effective for control of excessive algae growth in irrigation storage dams and impoundments and biofilm in irrigation pipelines, equipment and appurtenances which reduce the risk of blockages, decrease maintenance requirements and sustains efficiency irrigation.
  • Low and predictable operating unit cost.
  • Wide application range for water quality and target organisms.
  • Simple and non-disruptive installation.
  • Low operator and maintenance requirements. Remote monitoring and diagnosis capabilities and control adjustment over GSM network.
  • Minimal Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) requirements for installation and operation.